Meet The Team

The staff at Anchorage is committed to providing the highest level of care to all individuals.
Staff includes Treatment and Program Director, Licensed Addiction Counselors, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, a Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, Medical Director, Licensed Dietary staff and Paraprofessionals.

  1. Christopher Ferris
    Program Director Phone: 218-284-1837 [email protected]
  2. Lisa Livingston M.S., LPCC, LADC, CCTP
    Mental Health Professional Direct: (218)284-1836 [email protected]
  3. Karla Winter, LADC
    Intensive Outpatient Counselor Direct: (218)284-1846 [email protected]
  4. Keith Gilleshammer, M.Ed., LADC
    Residential Counselor Direct: (218)284-1834 [email protected]
  5. Sarah Hendrickson, LPCC
    Residential Counselor Direct: (218)284-1844 [email protected]
  6. Bethany Chapman, LADC
    Residential Counselor Direct: (218)284-1840 [email protected]
  7. Megan Miller
    Treatment Coordinator Direct: (218)284-1839 [email protected]
  8. Greg Bjerke, MD, FACEP
    Medical Director
  9. Wendy Walton, RN
    Nursing Supervisor (218)284-1838 [email protected]
  10. Heather K, LPN
    Licensed Practical Nurse Direct: (218) 284-1843 [email protected]
  11. DeAnn Middelton
    GRH Housing Case Manager Direct: (218)284-1835 [email protected]
  12. Mercedes Olson
    Residential Paraprofessional Evening Shift Lead Direct Line: (218) 287-1500 [email protected]
  13. Chelsea Nelson
    Residential Paraprofessional
  14. Rosally Mortenson
    IOP Administrative Assistant Peer Support Specialist Direct: (218)284-1848 [email protected]>
  15. Jordan Richardson
    Residential Paraprofessional Day Shift Leader Direct: (218)284-1847 [email protected]
  16. Erica Olson
    Residential Paraprofessional Overnight Shift Lead Direct: (218)287-1500 [email protected]
  17. Kailyn Allen
    Dietary Manager
  18. Sheila Millburn
    Dietary Assistant
  19. Mandy Donahue
    Residential Paraprofessional
  20. Jenna Binstock
    Residential Paraprofessional
  21. Emma Barnhouse
    Residential Paraprofessional
  22. Edward K.
    Residential Paraprofessional
  23. Isaac P.
    Residential Paraprofessional
  24. Residential Paraprofessional